MisionsForChrist.org recommends other Christ honoring ministries.  Here are those I believe are worthy of your financial support and prayers:


Air Mobile ministry – Joe Hurston – A mission that provides purified drinking water, clothing and medicine in Haiti and other places hit by disaster throughout the world.

Rapha House –   www.Rapha.org –   Stephanie Reed – A mission that rescues and rehabilitates  children from sex trafficers in Cambodia and Haiti.

American Rehabilitation Ministries – Joe Garmin –   A ministry that takes the gospel to inmates of prisons in America.

Life Today – James and Betty Robison.   A mission that provides food and water to hungry children in third world countries.

Samaritan’s Purse – Franklin Graham – A mission that provides food, water, medicine and shelter to third world countries.

International fellowship of Christians and Jews – Yael Eckstein – A mission that provides food for elderly Jewish holocaust victims of the 2nd world war in Israel

Christian Research Institute – Equip.org – Hank Hanegraaf.

Tiny House ministry – Michael Cohoon – A mission to provide housing for the homeless in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.

Haitian Christian Mission – Etienne Prophete – A mission that grows and provides fortifide peanut butter for mal-nutrition children in Haiti.

Gonaives Christian Mission – San Surin – A mission that feeds and teaches hundreds of children in Haiti.

International Disaster Emergency Services A mission that responds to emergencies with food, water, clothing, shelter and medicine.

The 700 club – Pat and Gordon Robertson A mission that provides the gospel, drinking water, food and medicine to third world countries.

There are many other good Chrisian missions worthy of your financial support and prayers.  the above are those which Donna and I have supported or believe are worthy of support.

Donations to Missions for Christ International will be shared with one or more of the above missions as the need arises.